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The True Story of the First Thanksgiving

Admin KTLaw - Thursday, November 19, 2015

The first Thanksgiving eventually represented peace between the Indians and the Pilgrims, but these two groups had to go through a lot in order to achieve the peace. When the Pilgrims arrived in America on the Mayflower, they came with the intentions of a better life. In that day and age, the way for a family to have a successful life was to own land, and cultivate the land for use and hunt on it.  

One day, there was a group of Pilgrims hunting for turkey. They had followed their dogs, who followed their noses, all the way to Indian territory. The Pilgrims were unaware of their whereabouts, and when an Indian jumped out at them and told them to get off his land, they were very startled. Luckily one of the Pilgrims, Henry, was able to have a sign-language conversation with the Indian. Henry then told the other Pilgrims that they had crossed the boundary of the Indian's land. The Pilgrims disagreed and believed they were still on their land, and they all began to argue. Joe, another Pilgrim, saw how this argument was going badly, and interjected with the idea that they come up with an official way to end this dispute. And because the Pilgrims were such moral people, they felt it would be wrong if they fought over or gained the land in any way other than peaceful; they wrote down a set of rules they called Real Estate law.

In this document were regulations and rules regarding the ownership of property, how property can be transferred, who can own it, and what they can do with it. Once the Pilgrims had finished writing the book of Real Estate law, they presented it to the Indians, with the help of Henry the translator of course. The Indians were convinced that the Pilgrims had found and eaten a large patch of loco weed. They starred sharpening their hatchets to scalp all of the Pilgrims…Suddenly, Meg woke up. Her law school exam for property law was coming up in the late morning and she'd had a nightmare.

She knew, like the attorneys at Klauzer and Tremaine that the roots of Real Estate law are found in the English Common law and that the Pilgrims were only a harbinger of how Real Estate law would work out in North America. Come in and test out their skills.



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