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The Ghost Without a Plan

Admin KTLaw - Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween is the perfect time to tell ghost stories, and perhaps the scariest of them all is the story of Samuel Allen Crane. Crane was a very wealthy man.  He enjoyed the riches of many friends, a fulfilling career, but most importantly, Old Man Crane was the sole proprietor of an enormous candy closet. Legend had it that Samuel Allen Crane had carefully collected and inventoried every piece of candy from all the Halloweens of his long life. But Crane was an old man, and he knew his time was coming…

"What will I do with all this candy? Who will get what? Maybe I should just eat it all," he thought, but eating all the candy himself was clearly not the best option. 

Now here is where the story gets scary. It was a dark and stormy night, and Old Man Crane was walking home alone. The path through the cemetery was darker than he remembered, and the gnarled black trees danced in the cold October wind.  Nobody knows what happened that night, and I’ll spare our readers the grisly details, but when Old Man Crane was was found, no life remained.

The entire community mourned the death of Samuel Allen Crane, but whispered rumors of his candy estate soon flew like bats in the night. 


“They say he has Snickers™ the size of cinderblocks”

”Mounds of Mounds™!”

“Daddy-O’s™ for days!”

”Gallons of gummi bears!”


“I heard Old Man Crane never designated a fiduciary to manage his fudge, nor a beneficiary of his bonbons!”


“Let’s get that candy!!!!”


Before long, the townspeople descended upon the Crane mansion armed with torches, pitchforks, each with a mighty sweet tooth.  What ensued was gruesomely gooey, spine-tinglingly sugary, monstrous marshmallow-y madness.  Before long, the candy was gone, and the townspeople were sprawled across the caramel-covered lawn groaning with tummy aches.  A gruesome sight, indeed.

All of the sudden, a ghostly voice belonging to none other than Samuel Allen Crane bellowed above the crowd.


“This behavior is not at all in accordance with my final wishes!  I spent my entire life collecting candy only to have it squandered?  Nooooooooooooooooo-ooooo!!”


And with this final ghastly wail, a spell was cast upon the town, and all of the people remained suspended in a sugar coma for all eternity.


Let this tale be a lesson to you!  Let the knowledgeable guardians of the pumpkin patch at Klauzer & Tremaine help prepare your affairs.  We have years of experience in preparing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and living wills.  Come in to speak with an attorney, and sample our candy jar… if you dare!



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